What is a Jade Roller and Why do I need it?


The Jade roller is a facial massager that helps to improve the circulation and bring nutrients to the skin. The use of the Jade Face Roller tool can improve skin tone, decrease dullness, eye puffiness and dark circles.

Use Natural Jade Roller Benefits:

• Shrink pores, please place in the fridge at least 30 min before using. The jade roller can provide relief from tension headaches when rolled over temples. 

• Reduce puffiness and dark circles around eyes

• Boost blood circulation and lymphatic drainage

• Help close and minimize enlarged pores

• Tighten and firm the skin by boosting elastin

• Promotes lymphatic drainage, helps to eliminate toxins

• Tone facial muscles for improved elasticity and more...

• Improves product absorption for maximum benefits

• Stimulates collagen production.

 How to use:
1. Wash face with normal cleansing products.
2. Apply any night creams to your face and neck.
3. Use upward motions to move the jade derma roller gently over your forehead, cheeks, around the lip area and neck. Close your eyes and roll gently over your eyelids if you have puffy eyes or bags under your eyes. When using the jade roller, please roll up; never drag down on your skin or sag you skin.
4. Use the face-lift roller and scraper 3 times a week
5. Clean your tools with sanitary wipes. Please  be sure to clean the jade roller with warm salt water or a warm wet cloth.


This product is fragile. Due to improper transportation or use it may break. If the goods you receive are broken upon receipt or break while using, we are not responsible for replacing or fixing. Scraper size may vary as shown in the picture of this listing.


Please be aware: Due to its natural variation on stone, every jade roller are unique in PATTERN and vary in SIZE and COLOR. Please understand this is a normal phenomenon, and its work will not be affected.

Size: Approx. 5.5"

Gold Plated Natural Jade Roller and Under Eye Roller to de-puff skin



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