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A guide to figuring out your skin type..

How to figure out your skin type?

The age old question….What the hell is my skin type? How do I shop for it? What to avoid? What to overindulge in? No worries, my love. I have you covered.

So, your skin type! We can save you an immense of time with this at home test!

1st: Wash your face with a mild cleaner and PAT dry. Do not wipe!

2nd: Leave skin bare for 35 minutes.

3rd: The official test: Examine your cheeks, chin, nose and forehead for shine.

4th: Wait 25 minutes, evaluate if your skin feels tight or dry; ESPECIALLY when you smile or make a facial expression.


If you feel tight, you are more than likely dry.

If there is a noticeable shine on your nose or forehead, you have combination/normal skin.

If there is shine on your forehead and nose and/or cheeks, you most likely have oily skin.

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